After changing your password

  • In the office:  Log in to the Jacobs network with your new password
    Remotely:  Log in to GlobalProtect (VPN) with your new password
  • Ensure all your applications are closed
  • Lock and then unlock your computer with your new password to synchronize with Microsoft Windows

Jacobs account

Before requesting a password reset, we need to know how to verify who you are. You only have to select your verification methods once and can change them here any time.

To change your Jacobs account password
(For contractors and legacy CH2M, see the corresponding sections below)

  • Click the "Reset Jacobs Password" button below.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Follow the prompts to change your password.

For external users and contractors

If you have an external account in the format of EX-Userid, you can reset your password in the Jacobs Update Password Form. This form may be accessed outside of the Jacobs network.

For legacy CH2M accounts

Please chat or call the Global IT Service Desk to change your password.

Password requirements

If the new password you've entered cannot be accepted, then you'll receive an error message and can try again. The most common error message indicates that your new password is not strong enough, like: "This password does not meet the length, complexity, age, or history requirements of your corporate password policy."

Remember that your new password must meet the following criteria:

If you're certain your new password meets all of these security requirements, then it is likely the 24-hour lockout period that is causing the error. To resolve this error, you will need IT assistance. Please chat or call the Global IT Service Desk.

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