Once you have successfully reset your password, please wait 20 minutes before accessing Jacobs resources such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive. This will allow time for your new password to synchronize.

Password Reset

After you change your password on your Jacobs computer, you will need to synchronize it on the network. Simply log onto the network with your new password while in the office or remotely via VPN. This action will update your password saved by Windows.

Jacobs account

Before requesting a password reset, we need to know how to verify who you are. You only have to select your verification methods once and can change them here any time.

To change your Jacobs account password
(For contractors and legacy CH2M, see the corresponding sections below)

  • Click the "Reset Jacobs Password" button below.
  • Enter your @jacobs.com email address.
  • Follow the prompts to change your password.

External users and contractors

If you have an external account in the format of EX-Userid, you can reset your password in the Jacobs Update Password Form. This form may be accessed outside of the Jacobs network.

Legacy CH2M account

Please chat or call the Global IT Service Desk to change your password.

Legacy Wood account

If you are on a legacy Wood corporate computer (either in the office or connected to the Wood VPN)

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Click "Change a password."

Online via your web browser

  1. Go to the Wood "Change Password" form.
  2. If you are accessing the form with a Jacobs account, you might be logged in automatically. If so, click on your profile icon in the top right and select "Sign out."
  3. Return to the Wood "Change Password" form.
  4. Enter your Wood username and password and click "Sign in."
  5. Enter your old password, a new password, and confirm your new password. Click "Submit."

If you are working on an OSRNET project and are connected to the OSRNET network

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL
  • Click "Change a password."

Password requirements

If the new password you've entered cannot be accepted, then you'll receive an error message and can try again. The most common error message indicates that your new password is not strong enough, like: "This password does not meet the length, complexity, age, or history requirements of your corporate password policy."

Remember that your new password must meet the following criteria:

If you're certain your new password meets all of the character-based security requirements, then it is likely the 24-hour lockout period that is causing the error. To resolve this error, you will need IT assistance. Please chat or call the Global IT Service Desk.

Need help?

The assistance provided on this page is for Jacobs account holders only.